Doctor performs surgery on the wrong patient

  • An unnamed surgeon performed a needless surgery to the right leg of a 50-year-old patient in India
  • The doctor found out too late that the patient did not have any problem with his leg
  • The physician was removed from his present position and was transferred to another facility which is closely monitored by a senior doctor

Mistakes and negligence have no room in the medical world, especially for surgeons. For this reason, a medical doctor has been displaced from his position due to a huge error he has committed.

The surgeon from a New Delhi hospital performed a needless surgery on a patient’s leg because he has mistaken him for another man, a hospital official said on Tuesday, April 23.

Just recently, the physician operated and drilled a hole on the right leg of Vijendra Tyagi, 50 years of age. He was reportedly about to insert a pin on the patient when he suddenly realized that he had performed the surgery to the wrong patient.

Apparently, Tyagi did not have any problem with his legs. He was admitted to the government-run Sushruta Trauma Centre in the capital city of India because of head injuries he incurred from a car accident, reports say. Unfortunately, the doctor thought Tyagi was the patient with a fractured leg.

According to Channel News Asia, Ajay Bahl, the hospital’s medical superintendent, said the patient was put to sleep through anaesthesia and could not react to the surgery being performed on his body.

After the unnecessary operation, the unnamed doctor was removed from his position for negligence. He was transferred to another department where he would be closely monitored by an expert physician.

Bahl said, “The surgeon realised the mistake and removed the pin in corrective surgery. He also apologized for the error but we took strong exception and acted against him.”

The 50-year-old patient was discharged from hospital already; however, he needs another week to fully recover from the accidental leg surgery.