Doctor’s Impressive Prescription Makes Netizens Jokingly Question If He’s a Real Doctor

When it comes to prescriptions, everyone knows that doctors have such bad penmanship that it is almost impossible to read what they had actually written on that piece of paper.

But one doctor recently went viral for the opposite – because his handwriting is so impressive that you’d think he was making a wedding invitation instead of a prescription! Amazing, right?

Mark Tirao, a former Doctor to the Barrio – Municipal Health Officer at the Department of Health (DOH), shared one of the prescriptions he made for a patient on one particularly lax day.

Dahil kaunti ang patients ngayon, ganito tayo mag-reseta,” Dr. Tirao shared with a laughing emoji.

Photo credit: Mark Tirao / Facebook

Netizens could not help but feel impressed by this doctor’s handwriting, particularly because you don’t always come across a doctor who writes this beautifully!

Parang nakakagulat sa isang doctor ang ganyan kagandang penmanship,” one netizen pointed out.

Others joked about this doctor’s authenticity. Someone even joked that Tirao is clearly not a real doctor or that he probably had not passed the physician board exam yet; after all, it is common knowledge that pharmacists are the only ones who could read doctors’ prescriptions! LOL.

Hindi po yan tatanggapin sa drugstore ng walang halong pagdududa,” a netizen joked.

Sana lahat ng doctor ganyan sumulat , ndi yung stress kana sa gastusin , stress kapa sa pag intndi ng sulat nila,” one netizen added.

May trust issues ako kung sa doctor talaga yan,” another jokingly added.

Naku! Fake doctor yan! Itapon mo na reseta dahil hindi yan tatanggapin sa drugstore! LOL” a netizen joked.

It seems that everyone agrees that doctors have such bad handwritings that it’s hard to tell if this one is for real. LOL. Totoong doctor ba talaga nagsulat nito? LOL.

Source: Mark Tirao / Facebook