Dog Shows Unexpected Compassion, Drags New Blanket from Her House to Share with Stray Dog

Compassion is an emotion that is associated with humans yet a dog has demonstrated that even furry creatures can also feel compassion and love for others!

In Brazil, a dog named Lana proved that dogs can also care for others and do feel compassion.

This might have something to do with its past because the 8-month-old puppy once lived in the streets with its siblings before they were rescued and taken to a shelter.

Lana was adopted by Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé who gave her a house in a fenced yard where she can freely roam and also see the ‘outside world’ from beyond the wrought iron fence. But it seems that she has not forgotten how it feels to be homeless and feeling cold.

Photo credit: Suelen Schaumloeffel / The Dodo

One particularly cold day, Suelen bought a blanket for Lana so she would have a more comfortable spot inside her dog house. The next day, however, Suelen’s fiancé was surprised to see that the puppy had dragged her new blanket out of her house so she could share it with a stray dog outside the fence!

It was a heartwarming sight to see: Lana was sleeping on half the blanket on her side of the fence while the stray dog slept on the other half, just outside the fence. What’s also quite sweet there is that the other dog didn’t think of taking away the entire blanket for his own use but readily accepted just half of it from Lana.

Photo credit: Suelen Schaumloeffel / The Dodo

The couple tried to get closer to the stray dog to check whether it had tags so they could return it but it was too scared to let them come close. So, they just gave it food and water.

The dog still refuses to let the couple get closer but it does accept the food and water they leave out for it to consume. He also continues to share the blanket with Lana from his side of the fence.

Isn’t this sweet?