Doggie Daycare ‘Groufie’ Goes Viral

Whoever thought that only humans can take a ‘groufie’ or a selfie had not seen this picture yet.

In a photo posted by Go Fetch Daycare and Boarding and shared by Facebook user Jacqueline Sexton that went viral, a group of dogs from the dog daycare can be seen posing for what looks like a group selfie or groufie. Jacqueline noticed that her dog Rogue, a Labrador mix she adopted from the Northern Kentucky Animal Rescue, appeared to be snapping a selfie together with her other furry friends.

Image from Go Fetch Dog Daycare

According to Matt Ramsey, owner of the dog daycare in Loveland, Ohio, the photo was not staged and it was easy to take a photo of the dogs because they get along well.

Since it was posted, the photo has been shared more than 8,000 times and accrued 208 comments and 1,200 reactions, as netizens found the ‘groufie’ so adorable.

A netizen said that the photo needs to get sent to the Ellen show, as it reminded him of that Hollywood celebrity group selfie taken during the Oscars Awards last 2014. Another one said she loves how one can see the different characters of each dog while another one was impressed at how the photo was taken since he himself is having trouble with taking selfies and getting everyone in.