Dog’s Funny Reaction to Seeing Her Birthday Cake Goes Viral

There are a lot of humans who love their dogs like their own children – and even throw them birthday parties like real children! Are you one of those awesome humans who do that?

Well, there’s one dad who did just that and although he first thought that buying the dog a birthday cake could turn out to be a waste of money, he would soon change his mind when he saw its reaction.

Christopher Vrankovic of Queens, New York wrote, “I thought ordering my dog a birthday cake would be a waste of money. Her reaction was worth every penny.

Photo credit: Christopher Vrankovic / Facebook

Of course, we understand how he felt about buying the dog a birthday cake. After all, do dogs even eat cake? We’re not sure about that as our dogs are a bit picky!

Still, Vrankovic’s decision to buy his dog Lucy a birthday cake turned out to be a good one because the dog had such a funny reaction to seeing the cake that it would soon go viral on the internet. As expected, this photo would surely spark some hilarious memes – and I could already imagine about a dozen of them going through my head right now.

What do you think of Lucy’s reaction to her cake? She’s so cute, right?

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