Dogs in shelter receive Christmas treat from Santa Claus

  • Dogs in a shelter in Romania received toys, food, and other gifts from Santa Claus
  • The dogs are among the 250 animals being taken cared of at Sava’s Safe Haven, an animal shelter owned by Sava family
  • The family said animals in the shelter have been with them for six years and their chances of getting adopted is low so they wanted them to feel loved this Christmas

It seems like Christmas isn’t only for people to celebrate. Dogs in a shelter in Romania received early Christmas treats from no less than Santa Claus himself.

Sava’s Safe Haven, an animal shelter owned by a family in Romania, has been housing 250 animals including dogs, cats, birds, and bunnies for the past few years.

Image via Sava’s Safe Haven

It has also been their tradition to give the animals a surprise visit from Santa Claus every year, and that is what the dogs received recently. Alexandra Sava who opened the shelter in 2012 told Good News Network that they are doing this because they believe that even animals deserve to feel the spirit of Christmas.

“We do this because some of the shelter animals are here for over six years. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, their chances of adoption are low, and they deserve to feel the spirit of Christmas,” Sava said.

This is why her dad or brother dresses up like Santa Claus and brings the dogs a sack filled with treats — toys, yummy food, and gifts — all of which were donated by kindhearted people from all over the world.

Image via Sava’s Safe Haven

“We [do] our best to save animals and offer them a better life in our shelter until they find their home,” Sava also said.

Sava’s Safe Haven is run with the help of animal lovers who extend their support through donations. Aside from rescuing animals, the shelter also offers free food and veterinary care in the neighborhood.

Source: Good News Network,   Sava Safe Haven