Double Dancing? This Guy Was Dancing with His Wife When Her Friend Cuts In… This is Awesome!

Married couple Gary and Charlotte Chaney met as teenagers in the 1950s. They danced together as teens and would later compete across the US, gaining fame in both traditional dances and exhibitions. Both have been inducted into the American Bop Association Hall of Fame.

The Chaneys are founding members of the Lake of the Ozark’s Swing Dance Club. It was during one of the club’s annual events that the couple performed this exhibition dance involving friend, Debbie Wheelis who even wore an outfit matching Charlotte’s.

While it could not be argued that the Chaneys’ performance is already wonderful to begin with, the dance truly became more interesting when Debbie chimed in.

We couldn’t help but feel like dancing to the beat of this awesome dance with these three…

Check them out in this awesome video: