Drama Queen Taunts Man to Hit Her in Viral Video

It’s natural for couples to have arguments and misunderstandings but most of them keep it in private. However, this couple seemed to love a little exposure.

A video clip showing a couple fighting had gone viral on Facebook. According to the person who posted the video, the incident happened at a coffee shop near Block 684, Hougang Avenue 8 in Singapore.

In the video, you would see a woman who had been asking the man to touch her while pointing at her head.

Image: World of Buzz

“Come on, try touching me once. Can’t you do it since you are Singaporean?” she said, as translated by World of Buzz.

Aside from taunting the man, she even used her breast to attack the man, she shoved it towards him while pulling down her shirt. Hmmm.

The woman again shouts at the man provoking him to hit her once. She even grabs his hands and tosses it towards her direction; she even grabbed the man’s shirt violently. The man, on the other hand, leaves his arms wide open; maybe a sign that he will not hit her.

But the woman wasn’t convinced, she even asked the attention of everyone in the coffee shop.

Image: World of Buzz

The frustrated man shouts that he does not hit women in their face and mentions a break up. He removed his shirt with the help of the woman and climbed over the metal railing and said something before delivering a slap to her face.

Well, the woman got her wish after all but she still continued being a drama queen. She pointed at the man for about 7 seconds and collapses dramatically onto the ground, rolling. The audience, on the other hand, can be heard cheering and clapping for her amazing act.

Image: World of Buzz

Another woman charges towards the topless man with a glass mug in her hand. Luckily, she misses the man’s head and the mug falls to the ground. A concerned coffee shop customer steps up to stop the fight. Finally!

Meanwhile, the woman lying on the floor started crying like a child, holding her left cheek then held her mobile phone and called someone.

The police were alerted with what had happened; however, it’s still unclear what had caused the fight.

Watch their dramatic video below: