WATCH: Dramatic Footage Shows a Car’s Remarkable Escape from a Giant Boulder

It is said that if it is not yet your time to die, then you’ll be able to escape even from the most dangerous situations. And it seems that this was exactly what happened to the driver and passengers of a car which narrowly escaped getting crushed by a giant boulder in Taiwan!

While the incident happened in 2013, the video of this dramatic moment has gone viral again after it was reposted by Facebook page NTD Television this week.

Lai Hong-wei, the driver who caught the dramatic moment on camera, was just driving along a coastal road in Keelung, northern Taiwan when he chanced upon the incident. Incessant rains had caused a boulder to break off from the top of the mountain, tumbling down into the road below.

Lai was even able to capture the exact moment the boulder broke off the mountain; although he didn’t notice that until the footage was reviewed.

Screenshot from video by Lai Hong-wei / Facebook – NTD Television

As seen in the video, the car ahead of Lai suddenly swerved to the left when mud and debris came from the mountain but as the debris cleared up, a shocking sight was revealed: the massive boulder had only missed the car by a few inches! Whew!

If the driver didn’t swerve in the nick of time, it could have been crushed by that giant rock.

Watch the dramatic footage here:

Additional footage taken from the accident scene showed that the car was badly damaged by the debris. Thankfully, the driver and his passenger escaped with only some minor injuries. Had the car remained on its spot when the landslide happened, there would be very little chance they would survive at all!

This was really their unlucky but still lucky day, right?

Source: Telegraph UK

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