Driver Miraculously Survives Being Trapped in Flaming Vehicle… And His Undamaged Bible was Also Recovered!

Miracles do happen to those who believe – and this was proven by an incredulous story of one motorist who survived a car accident with his Bible also intact!

This driver met an accident while driving along State Route 385 in Memphis, Tennessee. Eyewitnesses rushed to his rescue, especially after seeing that the vehicle’s front hood had burst into flames. Knowing that time of great essence in this situation, a lot of people ran towards the vehicle to help free the guy but he was trapped to the seat by the steering wheel.

Still, the rescuers did not stop trying to help him despite the guy telling them to back off from the car and leave him to die as the vehicle appears to be at the brink of exploding.

I just saw GOD on 385. I'm always in awh of his wonders but today just blew my mind. This car ran off the road and hit a metal post and burst into flames not to mention the passenger was trapped inside as the car was filled with smoke the flames began to fill the inside. THE ENTIRE EXPRESSWAY STOPPED and people ran from their cars trying to break the windows and open the doors of this mans car to free him, as they were the others went up in prayer for God to deliver this man from the paws of the devil…. Now it appeared our prayers was in vain because he couldn't move and the flames had reach the inside of the truck.But God!!!!!! …..the flames were on the inside but the way my God is set up The Way It Look Like and what it is ,None of the flames touched him and even after the car exploded once All these God blessed people ran back up …Now the passenger even begged them to just let him die . End of Story he's Alive and well. …… Jesus thats my Goddd

Posted by Anita Irby on Sunday, February 21, 2016

While people searched for fire extinguishers, another rescuer, Corey Kilpatrick poured a gallon of water on the driver to try and keep the flames at bay. Thankfully, the driver was finally pulled to safety after the arrival of a K9 officer.

He was brought to the hospital but is in a non-critical condition.

While searching the vehicle for what else could be saved from the fire that’s quickly engulfing the entire frame, the rescuers could not believe that they found a Bible at the front seat of the fiery vehicle – and the book was undamaged despite the raging fire!

Photo credit: Christian Post
Photo credit: Christian Post

Because of this discovery, everyone at the scene agreed that they had surely witnessed a miracle. They also felt an “intense power” after witnessing the recovery of the unscathed Bible. Many of them prayed and thanked God for the miracle they witnessed.

That is God. If you don’t believe it, I don’t know what to say,” witness Eugene McNeil said.

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