Drone Footage of Mermaids Swimming in the Sea Shocks the World… Is This Proof That These Mythical Creatures Exist?

Do you believe that mermaids exist? For thousands of years, a lot of people believed that mermaids exist but no one has ever brought any proof that there really are mermaids in the world’s oceans – until now (or so they claim…)!

In a drone footage that shocked the world, it was claimed that a group of mermaids were caught by drone footage as they were swimming in the sea. In the clip, hundreds of the creatures could be seen moving out from the drone’s perspective – could they have been disturbed by the drone? But if they were mermaids, why didn’t they quickly hide at the bottom of the sea and wait for the drone to be gone?

A lot of sites on the web claimed that the drone footage shows real mermaids! Check out this video and tell us whether you think these creatures are real mermaids:

So, what do you think?

Well, in reality, the supposed mermaids in this drone footage turned out to be dolphins – hundreds of them! The swarm of dolphins was caught on drone camera as they swam in Dana Point, California.

Still, despite the video confirmed to be showing only dolphins, not mermaids, I can’t help but wish that someday, someone would really catch sight of one and take a video for us to see. I can’t wait for that day to come…

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