Duo who have been leaving cash for others to find finally reveal identities to authorities

  • Two persons who have been helping people anonymously by leaving loads of cash finally revealed their identities to the police
  • The police said they are happy to finally know the answer to the mystery that has been going on since 2014
  • The duo said they are emotionally attached to the village because a resident helped them in the past

After years of mysteriously leaving cash in areas where people might need it most, a duo finally introduced themselves to the police after their generous deed started making buzz abroad.

Image via Unsplash

Good News Network reported that the anonymous persons have been leaving “wrapped packages of £20 notes that always summed up to £2,000” at the village of Blackhall Colliery in County Durham in England. Those who found these would turn it over to police but if nobody claims after a few weeks, they will be given back to the finders.

Detective Constable John Forster said he has been thinking — could the Good Samaritan be a lottery winner or a drug dealer got struck by his conscience and is now giving away his dirty money to deal with his guilt?

Image via Pixabay

Fortunately, he now holds the answer to this because two individuals finally came forward and answered their questions. The Police said the duo purposely left money in areas where there are people in need. They also admitted that there were times when they were waiting around to be sure that their gift was found by someone.

They said that they are doing this because they are thankful for one resident who helped them in the past.

“I’m really pleased we have an answer to this mystery and am glad we can now definitively rule out the money being linked to any crime or a vulnerable person,” Forster said in an interview with The Guardian.

Sources: Good News Network, The Guardian