Dying Dog Revived, Thanks to This Firefighter

A fire broke out in a Santa Monica house, and the owner was not around. When she came back and saw her house on fire, she immediately informed the firefighters that her 10-year old dog, Nalu, is still inside the house.

Andrew Klein did not waste any time and walked inside the house where he found the dog lying beside a bed. Nalu was, then, unresponsive so Klein grabbed him and ran outside the house. The dog inhaled so much smoke which made him weak.

As soon as they were outside the house, Klein applied his air pack to Nalu’s face and did a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Other members of the firefighting team also came over to help revive Nalu. The captain pushed Nalu’s chest while Klein is trying to resuscitate him. This went on for about 20 minutes; and both Klein and his captain did their best to bring the dog back to life.

Image from the Facebook Account of Santa Monica Fire Department

After some heart-wrenching minutes, Nalu opened his eyes, and the crowd of onlookers was touched by this scene. Some of them cried tears of joy upon seeing that Nalu is awake. He did not suffer from any burn injuries.

Klein has been a Santa Monica Firefighter for 16 years, but nothing prepared him for this event.

If it can do anything, hopefully, it can motivate people to be good to others,” Klein told Today. “Help each other and help someone else because there is someone who’s having a worse day than you are.