Eat These If You Want to Smell Good

Apparently, smelling good adds to the overall attractiveness of a person. Though we’re talking about a person’s natural body odor, the desire to smell good has given birth to a million-dollar industry of perfumes and colognes.

However, a recent study entitled, Diet Quality and the Attractiveness of Male Body Odor, tested whether intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with pleasant-smelling body odor.

In this study, male participants provided sweat samples and dietary information. The sweat samples were evaluated by female participants based on what they found to have the most alluring scent. Females were chosen as evaluators in this study because they are more sensitive and have performed better on olfactory tests.  Males, on the other hand, produce potently smelly sweats, making the test easier to conduct.

It was found out that foods rich in carotenoids positively influenced the men’s scent. Foods that contain carotenoids include fruits and vegetable and are anti-inflammatory, boost the immune system, and improve the color of the skin.

The carotenoid-rich sweat smelled floral, fruity and sweet while the sweat samples of those with a protein-rich diet which included fat, meat, egg and tofu, also smelled alright. However, a carbohydrate-rich diet which included pizza, pasta, and sandwiches yielded the worst smelling body odor for males.

So, if you want to naturally smell good, it’s time to eat more fruits and vegetables. Produce such as mushrooms, ferns, beans, nettles, purslane, and ramps are also considered as “superfoods” containing high levels of vitamins and nutrients which will not only make you smell good, but are also beneficial to your health.