Ed Sheeran Surprises Fan He Heard Singing “Thinking Out Loud” at the Mall

Singer Ed Sheeran was at the mall when he heard a fan singing “Thinking Out Loud”. Flattered by the song choice, the singer quickly headed to the stage and went up to sing a duet with the girl.

Perhaps star struck by her idol’s presence, the girl looked shocked but continued singing, anyway; however, there are those who believed the girl and many of those in the audience did not immediately realize the man who grabbed the microphone from the singing girl was Ed Sheeran himself!

This observation just might be true as many fans would surely be screaming in delight to have such an opportunity to meet (and sing!) their favorite star. Of course, it is also highly likely that these people were merely prim and proper – and they did not want to ruin the performance with their screams.

Whatever the reason, I still think it was pretty cool!

Check out the video here: