Elephant Cleans Up Trash, Makes Netizens Wish Humans Could Learn a Lesson from This

It is a sad reality that humans are destroying the Earth, perhaps not as catastrophically as some powerful space guy like Thanos would have achieved but still steadily doing it, anyway.

Amazingly, we hear stories of animals that seem to act better than humans – and it makes us wish that humans could learn a lesson from these creatures. After all, humans tout ourselves as beings that are higher than animals but is that really the case?

Photo credit: Facebook / NTD News

Recently, a video surface of an elephant cleaning up trash thrown by some negligent human (who else?) near a trash bin. We ask, why did this person not throw that trash properly when the trash bin is just one more step away?

While many would say that this video is scripted and that the person who threw that trash there had actually done that on purpose to check (and film) the animal’s reaction, we have seen similar situations in real life wherein trash are strewn all around an area even when there are plenty of empty trash bins that are easily visible to everyone just a few steps away!

In the clip, the elephant spotted the soda cans on the ground. Any other animal would probably have ignored those trash items but this elephant was far better than other animals and people. Using its massive trunk, the elephant picked up the trash and put where it rightfully belongs: inside the trash bin.

Photo credit: Facebook / NTD News

The video went viral, with many netizens commenting that many people could use this video to take a lesson from the elephant – and we certainly agree!

What’s sad is that humans are trying to find life outside the Earth and hoping to discover that ‘Goldilocks planet’ that can support human life, forgetting that we are destroying the planet that we don’t have to pay for to live in!