Employer in Baltimore gives out $10 million bonus in total as gratitude

  • Employees of a real estate company in Baltimore received a bonus reaching $10 million in total
  • This was the company’s way of thanking them for helping them reach the target they set in 2005
  • Employees cried tears of joy because of what they described as a life-changing event

Employees of a real estate firm in Baltimore got the surprise of their lives when their boss decided to give them $10 million bonus, divided among all employees according to their years of service, during their holiday party.

St. John Properties founder Edward St. John was one of the only four people who knew about the surprise for their 198 employees.

Image from video of St. John Properties via Vimeo

Some received as much as $250,000. The smallest bonus received was $100, which was given to an employee who started his job the Monday after the holiday party. Since the bonus was divided according to their length of service, the company’s President Larry Maykrantz said a mechanic who joined the company before him received a higher rate.

“I’ll never forget it when all of the employees at the same time opened up their envelope and saw their individual bonus amount. There was crying, screaming, hugging, laughing. They were so overcome with emotion,” he said. “Then they all stormed forward to the podium and over the next hour they shook our hands and told us what they were going to use the money for. I heard over and over again that night that this was a life-changing event.”

This was their way of showing gratitude to the employees who did their part in reaching the goal that they set in 2005. “We’re a conservative company in that we have plenty of unrestricted reserves and we felt that regardless of how much we had in the reserves, that this was the best use for this $10 million. It’s an investment in our employees,” Maykrantz said.

Image from video of St. John Properties via Vimeo

To make sure that all their employees attend the party, they even provided airline tickets and hotel rooms for those who work in other states. They also dropped hints by sending an e-mail listing the 10 reasons why they have to be present.

“We wanted it to be impactful and we wanted to in a big way say, ‘Thank you,'” said Maykrantz. “This was something to thank them for the last 48 years of our organization and the achievement we just reached.”

This is so moving!

Source: Vimeo, Good Morning America