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Enochian, the Mysterious and Forgotten Language of Angels

If you read the Bible, you would know that there are beings such as angels and demons that we can’t see.  Many people claimed to have talked with angels that have been sent by God.  Most of them said that they have been chosen by God. Angels are celestial, supernatural creatures that are beyond our human understanding.

It is said that during the 16th century, some people were able to talk to angels.  There is a known angelic language that can be used to talk with angels.  This mysterious language is known as Enochian language, which was allegedly discovered by John Dee and Edward Kelly.

John Dee lived from 1527 to 1609 AD and was a respected during his time.  He graduated from the elite Saint John College of Cambridge.  He wasn’t interested in the supernatural when he was young but got interested as he got older. When he read the book of Enoch, he thought that there was a magic system that can be used to summon angels.

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Image captured from Youtube/ Beyond Science

In 1581 AD, he began performing a long series of magical research.  In his journal, he said that God had sent his angel to communicate with him. However, there was a problem as he is not a medium.  He needed someone who can communicate with beings that are out of this world

In 1582 AD, Dee met Edward Kelly, who claimed to be a gifted medium. The two became partners as they conducted sessions together for quite a while. In their sessions from 1582 to 1587 AD, they have allegedly communicated regularly with angels.

For several years, the two managed to record incantations, visions, and prophecies.  In the year 1582 or 1583 AD, both men claimed to receive the foundation of the language, which they can use to communicate with Angels.  The language is different from any languages known as it has its own alphabet, grammar and syntax.  It is called Enochian since Enoch was among the first few men who communicated with angels.

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The Enochian language. Image captured from Youtube/ Beyond Science

The angel told the two that the language would be able to unlock the doors to unlimited knowledge and wisdom. The language is composed of 21 alphabets.  The words must be read from right to left.  The alphabets are vital since it is used to perform Enochian magic.