Entrepreneur from Vietnam Organizes an “Old Flames” Market Where People Can Sell Mementos from Failed Relationships

Dinh Thang is the founder of the Old Flames Market in Hanoi, Vietnam. He found a different and unusual solution towards break-up. We all know how breakups are painful and ugly but we need to face the hard part and, yes, including how to dispose of all the relics of the failed relationships.

What Thang did was he put a price tag on them, that’s where his business started; brokenhearted people gather together and sell the memories left of their affairs to curious customers.

Image: Oddity Central

This fair is only one of those many cool ideas my friends and I came up with after a chit chat about ex-girlfriends, boyfriends, and things. After the break-ups, we found there were many objects left in our homes by old lovers, and we do not want to see them again since they remind us of unhappy memories. However, these things were still in good shape.

“It would harm the environment if we tossed them away. Then, we thought we should make an exchange with other people, so the objects would find new owners. They can buy new, good objects and we protect the environment. It’s a win-win,” Thang told Vietnam News.

When the Old Flames Market was first organized, there were only 10 people who showed up to sell their stuff from their failed relationships but as the months went by, it attracted more people who wanted to do the same thing – get rid of all the mementos from their past relationships.

Image: Oddity Central

Today, admission is free for buyers and organizers. To start selling, you must join the Old Flames Facebook page and share the story behind each object you wish to sell and the market organizers will be choosing the items that they will be allowed to sell at the next market.

Aside from the people who buy merchandise from people who had a terrible break-up, Thang also set up a message board in the market wherein people can write notes for their exes to help them move on.

However, some people criticize this weird way of getting rid of their personal stuff as some people sell their books, scarves, and even diaries and love letters. According to some buyers, these sellers seem to sell their private lives for money.

Thang is planning to expand his concept into Vietnam’s commercial capital, Ho Chi Minh City next month.