EPIC FAILS: 10 Buildings with Terrible Architectural Designs that Led to Disaster (or Potential Danger)!

While we get to admire many of the millions of buildings across the world for their awesome design and beautiful construction, there are also many that leave us scratching our heads in disbelief – questioning why such buildings were made.

But there are also buildings that look quite grand and beautiful but hide a terrible secret; such as problems in plumbing and drainage, major construction problems in the material used for the façade and the windows, and even major issues such as shaking as well as causing damage to things around it or to nearby buildings!

Screenshot of video by Talltanic / YouTube
Screenshot of video by Talltanic / YouTube

Some of these major fails cost the owners millions of dollars in repairs.

What’s worse is that there were major architectural fails that actually cost the lives of hundreds of people after the building collapsed due to these epic design issues! It is sad how these people have to pay for the mistake that some people made in creating these building designs…

Check out some of these epic mistakes:

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