ER Nurse Who Worked Hard to Save Mangled Victim of Hit-and-Run Makes Horrifying Discovery: The **** Guy was Her Brother!

In her job as nurse in the emergency room, Jenifer Medina has seen it all. Yet nothing prepared her from the shock of discovering that the **** guy whose life she had fought for in the ER was her brother!

Hit by a speeding car which left him at the street in San Juan Capistrano, California for ****, 23-year-old Cesar Andreas “Andy” Medina was rushed by Good Samaritans to the Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center where his sister was on duty.

Andy Medina Photo credit: Mobile Likez
Andy Medina
Photo credit: Mobile Likez

Jenifer had no idea that the guy who was rushed in was his brother as everyone was working hard to save his life. But the guy’s injuries were just too much for his body to take; thus, he eventually passed away.

It was Jenifer who was tasked to check the guy’s ID so his family can be informed. She noticed that the wallet was familiar but was quite shocked to discover that the guy she tried to help save was actually her brother!

Jenifer Medina Photo credit: Mobile Likez
Jenifer Medina
Photo credit: Mobile Likez

Although the alleged suspect, 19-year-old Andrew Michaels, was ******** and held on a 100k bail, it still does not change the fact that an innocent life was lost because of his careless actions.

Photo credit: Mobile Likez
Photo credit: Mobile Likez
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