Even on Holidays, They Have to Work Hard. What This Restaurant Did for Them Brought Tears to My Eyes…

They are always on duty even on holidays so the management decided to give them a little surprise that will definitely steal your heart and tug the heartstrings of viewers.

Mother’s day in Thailand is celebrated on August 12, and is a public holiday. In Thai culture, it is common to share a meal and spend some quality time with your mom on that special occasion. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the privilege of dining with our loved ones regularly, especially those who are working in the hospitality industry and also those who work far away from home. As we grow up, there would be less and less times that we would get to spend eating together with our parents, especially our moms.

As a solution to this, a month before Mother’s day, Bar-B-Q Plaza, one of the largest restaurant chains among those in the South East Asia region prepared this little surprise for their hardworking employees, especially for those living far away from home and their family (they made the surprise a month before because Mother’s day is a special occasion and it is one of the busiest days of the year for most of the restaurants in the country).  Bar-B-Q Plaza gave them the chance to share a meal and spend a moment with their moms. There’s just a little twist to the surprise– the employees were first asked a few simple questions. Want to see what happens next? Hit the play button and find out for yourselves.

(A/N: Get your tissues handy.) 

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