Even Though it was Raining Hard, This Disabled Vendor Sells Flowers to Passing Motorists

A disabled vendor was spotted selling strings of flowers called sampaguita somewhere in the Philippines, under heavy downpour. It is sad to see this man doing his best to sell all of his goods and that he had to resort to selling even though it was raining hard.

It is quite clear from this picture that this hardworking guy is so poor that he had to try and sell his goods even if meant getting soaked in the heavy downpour because if he doesn’t do it, then his family might possibly not have food for the rest of the day.

Of course, getting himself soaked is not going to make people buy his flowers – and he could even get sick yet he really has no choice but to do it, anyway. Truly, it is sad that people like him had to sacrifice themselves to make ends meet…

Ung iba nag tratrabaho ng patas kahit umuulan gagawin ang lahat para my ipakain sa pamilya, pero ung iba pumapatay pa ng tao para lang makuha pinaghihirapan nila. God bless you kuya.

Posted by Archel Cabanas on Friday, November 13, 2015