‘Evil’ Market Boss Gets Bashed for Harsh Actions on Vendors, But Cameras Didn’t Show Her Kind Actions

In this day and age of viral videos and photos on social media, it is easy for us to judge other people based on these photos and videos someone posted about them but it is sad that there are those who are actually doing good but were judged as evil because only a portion of what they were doing got posted for the public to see.

Take for example this Thai video of the ‘evil’ market boss who would go viral for her harsh actions against the vendors at the market.

In the clip, a strict-looking woman enters the market together with her two hunchmen to collect rent from the vendors. She could be seen shouting at the vendors and forcing them to pay the rent even if they appeared to have very little money to do it.

Photo credit: Asian Crush / Facebook

As she walked the aisles of the market, the vendors could be seen looking at her with apprehension. It was clear they feared her. She must be the most evil boss this market has ever seen.

The last straw was when she took a weighing scale from one vendor and slammed it to the floor. Someone was able to take a video of the heartless act, posting it on social media and tagging the woman as a heartless, evil boss.

As expected, the video would go viral and people called for a boycott at the said market so that the evil boss won’t have money and she would go bankrupt. There were also those who made hilarious memes about the evil boss and said harsh things about the woman, judging her from that one video.

Photo credit: Asian Crush / Facebook

But the reality was the opposite of what the video had portrayed. While the ‘evil’ boss was definitely strict and harsh, she was only doing this to discipline the vendors and teach them the honest way to deal with customers.

As for the weighing scale she slammed to the ground? That was actually a scale the unscrupulous vendor was using to cheat his customers!

Watch the video here: