Expectation VS Reality: Woman’s Photo of Hotel’s Swimming Pool Goes Viral

These days, it is easy to book your vacations anywhere you want to go because hotels and tour agencies often have their own websites or you can use third party travel sites.

But one woman learned that things aren’t always what they seem when you book online…

Jessica Kershaw from Britain booked a hotel in Vietnam through a third party travel site. Photos on the website were quite convincing – and she immediately loved the infinity pool at the hotel that offers stunning views of the city.

When they arrived at their hotel, they immediately went to the pool to have fun but were rather disappointed with what they found. The huge infinity pool they expected turned out to be nothing but an oversized bathtub masquerading as a swimming pool.

Photo credit: Twitter / @jennykershawx

The holidaymaker’s unfortunate experience had a lot of people laughing; someone even pointed out that the pool, in reality, was indeed very small because the “Welcome” letters on the ladder even lacked an ‘e’.

There were those who also shared similar experiences. One person even shared a photo of a beautiful house with a lovely pool. Well, the house really did look that way – and one can even replicate the photo from the online booking site but only at certain angles because the lovely pool turned out to be just a small inflatable pool set up on the yard! Ouch.

After the post went viral, the third party travel booking site reached out to Kershaw to apologize for the incident but she was more amused than angry, really. She didn’t want to file a complaint.

Photo credit: Twitter / @jennykershawx

Still, the site rectified the problem, with the hotel replacing its ‘pool’ description on the photo caption to ‘free jacuzzi’. This should prevent future misconceptions about the hotel; although it would have been better if the photo was changed to a more accurate one.