Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mystery Finally Solved

Almost two months after Samsung scrapped Galaxy Note 7, engineers finally claimed to have solved the exploding phone mystery.

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

Previous Findings

Initially, Samsung claimed that the problems were due to faulty batteries. But after recalling 2.5 million devices and swapping the new phones using batteries from a different supplier, the issue remains the same. This leads to the deduction that the problem is on the phone design itself.

Finally Solved

Instrumental Inc., an engineering software developer appears to have discovered the real root cause.

According to the chief executive Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, they found the design flaw that squeezed the battery to unsafe pressure levels. By nature, lithium batteries are expected to swell and batteries should have a minimum ceiling.

In the case of Galaxy Note 7, the battery pack was 5.2 mm thick that was placed in a 5.2 mm pocket. There should have been at least a 0.5 mm ceiling. Once they expand, more pressure is added within the battery because it cannot push back the phone components around it. This will cause the separator layers in the positive and negative parts of the battery to rupture and cause a reaction.

Photo: Instrumental
Photo: Instrumental

According to the researchers, the exploding phone was probably a direct result of a very ambitious design and inadequate safety precautions. After several years in the market, it is possible that the new versions of the batteries were not tested in the same rigor as the early samples.

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