Facebook Posts of Anti-Duterte Leaders Allegedly Quarrelling Over Rally Funds Go Viral

As the anniversary of the EDSA People Power looms, several (pro and anti) groups are already planning to hold their respective rallies not just to commemorate the event but to also protest against or show support for the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

But while no one is going to admit that their rally participants, whether pro or anti, are getting paid to attend the events, the anti-Duterte group has made a rather public slip-up after two of its leaders posted scathing remarks against each other on Facebook – and both had been set to ‘Public’ before they later came to their senses and removed the posts or changed the settings to private.

It all started with a post from a certain Kenzo Jakosalem publicly calling out a certain Maanne Adorna for supposedly not releasing the funds needed for him to pay the rallyists he hired, with the money supposedly amounting to Php300,000.

Photo credit: Jemely Tubongbanua / Facebook

He also made a follow up post, detailing that he needs the money to buy food, water, and banners for those who will attend the rally. Again, he asked Adorna to deposit the funds.

Photo credit: Jemely Tubongbanua / Facebook

The scandal would soon escalate after Adorna replied in public – and it would soon reach pro-Duterte supporters who immediately took screenshots of the tirades and shared them on social media.

Photo credit: Jemely Tubongbanua / Facebook

Several people from their group called on the two to solve the matter privately and to stop posting such financial details on social media as the pro-Duterte camp will surely use that to laugh at them.

But it seems that the damage has been done for the posts had already gone viral on social media by then.