Fake Cosmetic Doctor in Florida Faces 10 Years in Prison for Injecting Patient with Tire Sealant

Oneal Ron Morris pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received a 10-year sentence in prison after he gave his patient a butt injection composed of tire sealant, superglue, and rubber cement which later caused the patient’s *****.

The victim, Shatarka Nuby, 31, died in 2012 after undergoing a cosmetic surgery under Morris to enhance her butt, hips, thighs, and breast. Nuby paid Morris a total of $2000 for the treatment which began in 2007 and lasted until 2010.

Nuby’s mother, Sherri Pitts, said that her daughter suffered for 18 months without any knowledge of what was inside her body. Apparently, doctors who attended to her cannot do anything unless they knew what Morris injected into her.

An eyewitness account states that Morris was seen attaching cotton balls into Nuby’s injection site using superglue.

Before Nuby died, there was a discoloration and hardening at the injection site.

Image from Huffingtonpost.com

Prosecutors, however, said that they were unable to confirm what Morris’ dose contains.

Morris’ sentence includes five years probation following a year in prison which he had already served for unlicensed health care practice.

Nuby’s family and friends, who appeared in Court, pushed for harsher punishment.

William Lanphear, the lawyer for the defense, argued that patients know that Morris was not a licensed doctor.

All parties share the responsibilities and the blame for their actions and the role they have played,” Lanphear said. “There was an assumption of risk obligation from the victims.