Family Dog Stays with Wandering Toddler Until He was Found

Another real life story showed that dogs are not only good pets, they can be protectors, too.

Two-year-old William Odom from Saucier, Missouri went missing one day. His parents, together with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and the entire neighborhood, went looking for him, worried about what could happen to a young boy wandering on his own.

Thankfully, William was found about a quarter mile away from his home, a few hours into the search. The group searching for the boy found him sleeping inside a truck. They also found out that the boy was not alone — the family dog had kept him company!

Image from Pixabay

Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson said that they saw William’s set of footprints, which also has dog footprints right beside it so they concluded that the dog traveled with the boy all day. The dog was also seen circling and scratching on the truck where the boy was found.

William was reunited with his family and authorities have ruled out any foul play in his disappearance. Instead, they thought that the toddler wandered off on his own. The family dog followed and stayed with him until he was safe with this family again.