Family Sets Up CCTV after Food Keeps Going Missing, Discovers Creepy ‘Black Mist’ Entering the Kitchen

A mystery has keep a family puzzled for months because food keeps disappearing from their dining table even if their house is closed and they didn’t have pets that might have eaten the food. They just could not explain what is happening and how the food gets lost.

They tried to catch the thief but couldn’t find any leads. How could food disappear from a house whose doors are closed?

It went on for some months that the family finally decided to set up CCTV cameras to solve their perplexing problem. I would have done the same thing if I were in their place, too; although I am not sure how I might deal with what they found afterwards…

Photo credit: APT CHANNEL / YouTube

In the clip that was shared on YouTube by APT CHANNEL, the CCTV footage shows the moment a black mist appears to enter the room at around 8:20 PM, while no one was in the house.

This black mist appeared from somewhere not visible on the screen but quickly moved towards the table, even seemingly splitting into two. Perhaps this was the time it ‘gobbled up’ all the food on the table?

Then, as fast as it had appeared, the black mist moved towards the direction it had come from and was gone. The food on the able was also gone.

The family has partially solved the mystery of how their food keeps getting stolen but they got a new mystery of what that black mist might be! Whew. I wouldn’t want to deal with this kind of problem.

A lot of netizens warned them the black entity might be a bad spirit. It was a good thing it was just taking food but netizens think the family should call a priest ASAP to get rid of that black mist for good!

Watch this video and tell us what you think: