Family Shares Tragic Last Photos Found in Camera of Teen and Grandma Who Disappeared While Backpacking

A teen and his grandma were enjoying a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon when they disappeared; rescue teams searching for them had reason to believe they fell and were swept away by water in the park.

LouAnn Merrell and her step grandson, 14-year-old Jackson Standefer, went missing on April 15. After days of searching for the two, the teams have wound down their efforts are there remain no sign of where they are, except for a GoPro camera which the family recognized as the same one that was attached to Jackson’s backpack.

Photo credit: Mark McOmie / Facebook

Indeed, the camera held several photos of the two as they enjoyed their hike.

The family has decided to share the tragic photos even as they grieved for the loving grandma and the adventurous teen.

Mark McOmie, the teen’s uncle who had given him the camera, shares these photos on social media.

Photo credit: Mark McOmie / Facebook


The snapshots showed the two happily posing for the camera, clearly enjoying their backpacking trip and having a wonderful time. Netizens were touched by these happy photos, knowing that these were likely the last ones they have ever taken.

While their bodies were never found, the family has accepted that they are gone. Memorial services have been scheduled for the two.

Mark and the rest of the family have also posted on social media words of thanks to netizens across the world, expressing their gratitude for the outpouring of support even from people who didn’t personally know LouAnn and Jackson.

Photo credit: Mark McOmie / Facebook

We could only imagine the tragedy that has befallen the two and what horror they must have experienced in their last moments. Thankfully, their last photos showed that they had a great time in their trip. For the grieving family, that’s really all that matters…

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