Fan Art of ‘90s Actors as Stars in “Avengers” Movies Goes Viral

The latest “Avengers” movie has made over $1 billion just a week after it premiered in theaters across the world. While the movie received mixed reactions from fans, most agreed that this was by far the best movie in the series.

The movie series has seen several previously unknown actors shoot to fame; though it has its fair share of already big-time movie actors.

But while most fans already love seeing these characters played by the same actors right from the start of the movie series, except for a few exceptions such as Hulk (now played by Mark Rufallo but was first played by Edward Norton), can you just imagine other actors playing the roles they have now?

Photo credit: Instagram / House of Mat

Fans from House of Mat recreated the Avengers cast, with actors from the ‘90s. While it can be argued that Robert Downey Jr. is an actor from the ‘90s, he had career troubles during this period. Plus, if everyone gets replaced by someone from the ‘90s, let’s just include Iron Man, too, even if the role could have been played by Downey just as easily at the time!

How would the film go if Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Captain America, instead of Chris Evans? House of Mat thinks Johnny Depp would have made a great Hawkeye (played by Clint Barton) and Dolph Lundgren would have made an awesome Vision (played by Paul Bettany).

Photo credit: Instagram / House of Mat

Brad Pitt as Thor (instead of Chris Hemsworth) and Tom Cruise playing Iron Man? Hmmmm.

It would be fun to see Keanu Reeves as Doctor Strange instead of Benedict Cumberbatch and Brendan Fraiser as Star Lord instead of Chris Pratt, right?

But Michael J. Fox as Spiderman – especially the young Spidey in this version of the Avengers? Nah! Maybe that would should have still been played by Tobey Maguire, eh?

Photo credit: Instagram / House of Mat

And how about the other character portrayals? Do you agree with the choice by House of Mat or do you have other choices?