Farmer Unearths an 11,000-Year-Old Find While Digging in His Farm… This is Incredible!

One farmer, James Bristle, was busy digging in his farm when his shovel hit something unexpected: bones! He knew those weren’t human or cow bones as they were a lot bigger but little did he know that the bones belonged to an 11,000-year-old mammoth!

The creatures have been extinct for thousands of years – and it’s wonderful that the farmer had found a complete set of bones in his own farm! James soon realized the find wasn’t something he should keep for himself. So, he reached the University of Michigan’s Museum of Paleontology for help.

Professor Daniel Fisher and some students arrived to facilitate the dig and to identify the specimen which turned out to be something called a “Jeffersonian mammoth”; this means it was a “hybrid between a woolly mammoth and a Columbian mammoth”.

Check out those giant bones here: