Fashion designer Vera Wang, 70 plus, shares secret to youthful look

  • Social media users were amazed to find out that fashion designer Vera Wang is actually 71 years old
  • Wang has been sharing her quarantine looks on Instagram, flaunting her well-toned abs
  • She gamely answered questions from netizens and shared that focusing on something that you love is her secret

Fashion designer Vera Wang wowed netizens with her toned body and youthful glow at 70 +1 years old.

Image via Twitter

The buzz started when Twitter user Bob shared quarantine photos that Wang took with the caption “This b*tch Vera Wang is 70?” To which Wang replied and said “Fact check: Truth.” She will actually turn 71 next month!

Indeed, she just tuned 71 last June.

Another user commented, “She does not look a day over 40,” along with Wang’s photo.

On Instagram, Wang gamely answered questions. Jahmela asked her, “So what’s the routine so I can look like this at 70?” “Focus your mind on something you love to do,” Wang responded.

“Scrolled through your pictures and nope, you do not look 70 at all. It is your confidence and love in what you do that keeps you young! Inspired!,” Instagram user P. Tena said. Wang replied and said “My work. My life. My daughters. Do something that you love.”

Image via Instagram | Vera Wang

Another said, “I’ll have whatever Vera Wang is drinking.”

Wang said she is actually drinking Diet Coca Cola, “typical on a NY fashion type.” She also credited “work, sleep, vodka, cocktail and not much sun” as factors in keeping herself look younger than her age.

Yahoo! Sports said Wang also watches her diet but never skips a meal because she has to feed her brain.

“I go through phases with what I eat for lunch: I like sashimi with brown rice and vegetables, Chinese steamed broccoli with chicken and rice, or the artichoke salad or fish from Sant Ambroeus,” Wang told Harper’s Bazaar.

Wang is a fashion designer based in New York known for her for her iconic wedding dresses.

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