Father Wears Bridal Gown to Raise Funds for Daughter’s Treatment

Parents do everything to provide a wonderful life for their children. That’s a fact.

Guo, 45, a carpenter, captured the attention of people in China after he wore a wedding gown, a lipstick, and a thick layer of powder before standing in Zigong City Square, asking for help for his daughter who is suffering leukemia.

As he stood in the Zigong City Square, he held a paper that says “Marriage and rescue”.

Image from Next Shark

“I am a carpenter and I hope the well-intentioned people who can pass me can support me. I am willing to use the second half of my life to do the hard work to repay,” as translated by People.cn.

Five years ago, his 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

So far, he was able to cover eight rounds of his daughter’s chemotherapy, amounting to over 200,000 yuan ($31,000) by borrowing from his relatives.

After 8 cycles of chemotherapy, his daughter got better in 2015 and returned home but in the Spring Festival of 2018, it showed on the blood laboratory test that her daughter’s leukemia relapsed, her white blood cells are higher than 60,000.

Image from Next Shark

With no other choice, he decided to go around the town wearing a bridal gown and veil to gain attention, in hopes of raising enough money for his daughter’s treatment.

“Dignity means nothing to me, I will do anything I can to save my child,” he said.

His daughter needs two more stages of treatment which they expected will cost so much more.

We do hope that Guo will have enough money for his daughter’s treatment; we wish him and his family well.

Source: Next Shark