Fed Up by Constant Alien Attacks, Arizona Man Selling His Ranch for $5 Million

An Arizona resident has decided to sell his 9.67-acre ranch for $5 million because, according to him, he is tired of being abducted by extraterrestrials for more than 20 years.

The Stardust Ranch, also known as the “Alien Ranch”, has often made headlines through its alleged extraterrestrial activities.

Image via Alienranch Weebly’s Site

The owner of the ranch, John Edmonds, claims to have killed no less than 19 aliens with “samurai swords” and to have prevented several abduction attempts against him and his wife.

Image via Alienranch Weebly’s Site

They actually levitated her out of the bed in the master chamber and carried her into the parking lot and tried to draw her up into the craft,” he told NBC-affiliate local radio station KPNX.

Edmonds’ Facebook page is filled with regular posts about paranormal phenomena at the “Alien Ranch”, with commentary from friends and followers.

Almost immediately from the day we moved in, we began to have strange experiences,” he wrote.

Wounds from recent attack here at Stardust Ranch upper right calf from battle with malevolent ET,” he wrote on one photo caption.

Image via John Edmond’s Facebook page

Edmonds warns prospective buyers to be prepared to live on the ranch.

It’s not something for a traditional family, but it holds a lot of secrets and what I believe are future opportunities to understand forces that are in the universe,” he said. “Please be very well grounded because the energy here has the tendency to manifest with whatever is going on with you.