Female Professor Shocks Everyone When She Proposed To Her Student Boyfriend While Wearing A Wedding Gown!

There are thousands of marriage proposals that we see all over the internet nowadays. From flashmobs, kidnapping incident, and lots of other surprises just to make their proposals something their loved ones would never forget. Have you ever seen a woman propose to a man? Or how about a professor propose to a student? Well, the students at Hunan University of Arts and Science were able to witness such, when recently, a female professor proposed to her student boyfriend in front of them.

In this viral YouTube video, a female professor made this public marriage proposal to one lucky young man who also happens to be her student. The teacher, who was identified by her surname Hu asked for her boyfriend’s hand in marriage just outside the boys’ dormitory of the university and it has been shared numerous times already since it was posted earlier this week.

As part of her proposal, with the help of some friends and accomplices, Hu wore a white wedding dress and a mask, she even recruited male and female students to be her ‘bridesmaids’, also dressed in white gowns and masks.  Isn’t that a sight to see?

The extravagant proposal drew a large crowd as students took pictures of the said event and shared it online. The lucky guy (who was dressed more casually in a yellow t-shirt) was greeted with a bunch of red roses and an acoustic guitar playing music in the background. He’s one lucky guy, indeed.

Watch the proposal below:

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