Fifty Minutes of Work in This Restaurant Can Pay for a Meal

Mirai Shokudo, a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, has been offering meals for those who do not have money to pay for food, in exchange for 50 minutes of service.

With no other staff aside from the owner, Sekai Kobayashi, the restaurant has already served more than 500 customers who have the option to either pay for their food, serve dishes, clear tables, or perform other tasks to earn a free meal.

Image from Pixabay

People can render their voluntary service to the restaurant for fifty minutes and earn a voucher for a free meal. They can, then, use this coupon themselves or deposit it at the entrance of the restaurant so other customers can use it to have a free lunch.

According to Sekai, the system she implements at her restaurant allows her to reach out to hungry people who do not have money to buy food. She opened the restaurant, whose name means Future Eatery, two years ago to have a place that welcomes everyone and makes them feel that they fit in.

Though the restaurant offers a free meal, it remains profitable as each special meal is prized at 900 yen ($8).