Fighting with His Girlfriend in Public, He Gave Her Everything He Owned in Exchange for His Son

A guy and his girlfriend were riding on a train when she noticed that another girl was eyeing her man but the guy wasn’t doing anything to stop the girl from ogling him. Angry at this, the girl fought with him and when he didn’t take the bait, she angrily threw his things on the track.

Off went his keys, wallet, and phone on the tracks but he chose to stay silent and did not fight back.

When his girlfriend was done with her tirade, he quietly said, “You can have the car, the credit cards, the money and everything. I just want my son.” Amazingly, the girl gave him the child!

Everyone was quiet on that train carriage as they watched the man sit with his son, feeling sad and somewhat embarrassed that people got to witness that fight yet he knew that he wasn’t at fault. The social media user who shared a snapshot of him and his son admired him for being a good man.

Do you think it would be better to raise a child alone than to have a partner who is always jealous and materialistic?

Photo credit: Explore Talent - Acting and Modeling / Facebook
Photo credit: Explore Talent – Acting and Modeling / Facebook

But, wait! There’s another side to this photo. Some netizens believe that the “story” is too incredible to be real and that the man in the photo was actually Dwyane Wade traveling with his son. Of course, many couldn’t believe that is him, either, because considering he’s a rich professional NBA player — would such players take the subway train with their kids? Hmmmm… This truly is a mystery…