Fil-Am Family Living the Ultimate Dream as They Enjoy a Never-Ending Vacation around the World… With Millions of Dollars in Their Bank Account!

Most people would tell you that given the chance and having the money, they would travel around the world with their family to visit all the top tourist attractions they could ever reach.

While for many, this remains a dream, the family of Filipino-American Garrett Gee is doing exactly what everyone is wishing for! Gee had created a mobile scanning app along with two of his university classmates after they got frustrated with what was available in the market.

This app became so popular that they soon earned a lot of money from it – but the huge pot of gold came when Snapchat offered to purchase the app, giving them $54 million!

Photo credit: The Bucket List Family
Photo credit: The Bucket List Family

With his share of the money from Snapchat, Gee decided to live the ultimate dream by traveling the world with his wife and kids. So, the family sold everything they own in Utah so they can go around the world without worrying about their belongings.

What’s quite amazing is that Gee and his family have gone to a lot of countries on their bucket list but have only used the money they got from selling their stuff! It seems that they still have their millions intact in the bank – something that Gee hopes they wouldn’t have to touch in their travels since he still wants him and his family to live as frugally as possible despite having all the money they could ever wish for.

Wise dad, lucky family! Good luck on your travels…

This man sold his app for $54 million and his family decided …This 25-year old sold his company for $54 million and his family decided to do this.

Posted by CNBC on Sunday, June 19, 2016

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