Fire from Christmas Tree Engulfs an Entire Room within 1 Minute!

Did you know that a Christmas tree can be a fire hazard to your home? We are not playing The Grinch here but merely stating facts shared by the National Fire Prevention Association in the US and the Fire Kills Campaign.

In a post on the San Francisco Globe, a video was shared highlighting the hazards of leaving a Christmas tree unattended.

No one was in the room where the beautiful Christmas tree was sparkling in the corner. Thus, when a spark caused a fire, no one was there to grab an extinguisher to put it off immediately.

The next few seconds were horrible. The demonstration video showed just how easily the fire spread across the room, engulfing it within just a minute!

Thick black smoke could be seen curling at the ceiling, then thickening. It soon covered 80% of the air space.

Meanwhile, the other things in the room also caught fire; adding to the inferno. After a minute, the entire room was covered in thick smoke and burned to the ground.

Christmas Trees at Home

The campaign is about fire safety but is not telling people to refrain from putting up Christmas trees for the festive season. The group is only trying to show how easy it is for a fire to engulf a room and harm the occupants of the house, even when the conflagration only began with a faulty Christmas tree.

So, what do we need to do? It is important to buy only quality lights that passed quality control checks. Do not buy counterfeit items just because they are much cheaper than the original ones. Remember, lives are MORE precious and expensive than the savings you get from buying substandard lights.

Every year, perform a safety check of the Christmas lights before setting these up. As much as possible, stay away from dry Christmas trees because can catch fire more easily than freshly cut or artificial ones.

Also, remember to turn off the Christmas lights when no one is in the room or before going to bed.