Firefighters Who Survived California Wildfire Sing Spine-Tingling Samoan Hymn Down the Mountain

Being a firefighter is no joke. While you might not have work to do if there is no fire, the danger involved while fighting one could easily mean losing your life in that one job!

This is especially true in raging wildfires that easily spread, especially in drought-ridden areas where there are lots of dry wood, grass, and leaves to act as fuel to the conflagration.

To keep their spirits up despite the stress and difficulties they are facing, firemen would sometimes sing or chant together. While this might sound weird to some, it is their means of coping amid the disaster and difficult time they are facing.

Photo credit: Lori Light / YouTube

Recently, a group of elite firemen who survived the massive California wildfires was videotaped as they sang a Samoan hymn while going down the mountain. It was clear from their weary faces that the job wasn’t easy but their determination to continue living is fierce.

They were identified as Helena Fire Department’s crew 61 in Northern California.

As they carried their equipment down the mountain, they sang “Fa’afetai i le Atua” which is a Samoan Christian hymn to the tune of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”. It loosely translates to “Thanks to God”.

It was later revealed by a Redditor that the crew was called a ‘hotshot crew’ which is an elite force sent to the most dangerous, hottest parts of the fire in order to stop it from the source. We could easily see now why their faces were so long as they sang the hymn.

Photo credit: Lori Light / YouTube

Another Redditor commented to explain that the Samoan hymn basically about thanking the Lord for many things, with the chorus translating to “Sing, sing, hallelujah, thank you.”

While the words couldn’t be deciphered as the song is not in English, the meaning and the emotion are there, making this a powerful depiction that touched thousands of netizens. The video has since gone viral on YouTube.

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