Fisherman Shares a Clever Trick to Catch Fish the Easy Way

While most of us simply buy our fish from the market, there are people who have to do it not just to earn money but also to feed their families. The easiest way to catch fish is to use a fish net, of course, but for people who do not have the money to buy one, there’s this challenge now of how they can do it using materials available at hand.

In Cambodia, there are lots of bamboo tubes readily available for many people while fish nets might not always be available. So, the people have to find a way to do things without using a net.

YouTube channel Amazing Video shares a step by step tutorial on how one could catch fish the easy way, using just short bamboo tubes.

Photo credit: Amazing Video / YouTube

In the video, the man could be seen cutting the bamboo tubes. While this guy used power tools, it would actually be more practical to use an ordinary saw since that is what is available in these poor regions. But we’re guessing he’s just using the cutter to demonstrate that the bamboo must be cut but any instrument could be used to do the job.

It was not shown in the clip but the hard dividers inside the tubes should be removed and smoothed out to ensure the fish can pass through without any problem.

Then, you bring your bamboo tubes to a spot by the water body where you want to go fishing. Dig a hole on the bank, making sure to leave ample space between the hole and the water to ensure the trap does not collapse.

Photo credit: Amazing Video / YouTube

Position the bamboo tubes, angling them towards the trap but ensuring that the lower part is still in the water. Add the bait to attract the fish before covering the trap with leaves, presumably so others won’t go fishing in your little trap.

After a day, check the trap to see if it worked. Viola! Fresh fish…

Watch this video tutorial so you can do this on your own: