Florida Woman Paid $100K by Starbucks Coffee

Joanne Mogavero, a mother of three from Florida,  sustained first and second degree burns on her mid-section when the lid of a 20-ounce cup of coffee popped off and poured 190-degree liquid on her lap in 2014.

Represented by Morgan & Morgan attorneys, they argued that Starbucks should be able to warn its customers that the lids of the cups could pop off so that consumers can be more cautious.  In fact, a statement coming from the law firm revealed that a Starbucks representative admitted that they were able to receive numerous complaints in a month because of  similar incidents.

Photo credits to Elise Amendola

Mogavero was awarded by the jury $15k to cover medical bills and $85,000 for her pain and defacement.

“My client didn’t want sympathy from the jury, she wanted justice, and the jury gave it to her with verdict,” Steve Earle, Mogavero’s attorney explained.

Reggie Borges, Manager of Starbuck’s Global Corporate Communications  shared that the company was considering an appeal.

“As we said in the trial, we stand behind our store partners in this case and maintain that they did nothing wrong,” Borges said in a message sent thru email.