Football Club Owner Gives Two Homeless Men Jobs and Accommodation After Meeting them in Daily Commute

Glenn Tamplin, a multi-millionaire steel tycoon and football club owner, is solving homelessness one step at a time.

Glenn runs the semi-professional Billericay Town Football Club and he repeatedly bumps into two homeless men on his way to work.

Glenn Tamplin with Richard, who is now a caretaker in his Football Club. Image: Daily Mirror Collect
Image: Daily Mirror Collect

Then one day he decided to do one thing that could restore our faith to humanity. He offered Richard, a veteran who served in Falklands War, a job as general caretaker.

He also gave another homeless man, Ray, a job as security in the club’s arena grounds. Both were also given a place to sleep in a spare office.

Image: Getty Images Europe

According to Glenn, “For the last month or so I have been buying them fish and chips, coffees and just stopping to have a chat in the street.

After giving them food for about a month, Glenn decided to do something better than just simply giving them some food. So he offered them jobs and accommodation to get them out off the streets. He also said that he will help them solve their alcoholism habit which had been the major reason why they became homeless.

Glenn took charge of Billericay Town Football Club last December. Image: Sunday Mirror

Homelessness has always been a social issue that seems to be unsolvable. But sometimes the simplest solution is to directly address what these homeless people need: food and shelter. Give them food for a day and they will live for a day but if you give them a job, they can self sustain.