For 5 Years Now, This Kindhearted Man Spends His Own Money to Feed over 80 Stray Dogs Every Day!

Many of us take pity on stray animals and given them food from time to time – but how far will you go to take care of these pitiful creatures?

One man in Thailand has gone viral for doing something extraordinary for stray, homeless dogs. For 5 years now, Michael J. Baines has been feeding as many as 80 or more stray dogs every day in Chonburi, Thailand – and that’s from his own money!

Mind you, the dogs don’t just eat scraps but a meal consisting of dog food, rice, and steamed fish or chicken prepared by Baines.

Photo credit: NTD TV

I feel sad [for homeless dogs], and want to help them all. Especially when I see a lonely dog that does not belong to any pack, probably dumped, which is very common here. I always have food and fresh water in my car, so whenever I see a dog, I stop and give it food and water,” the kind man said.

It all started when he saw some dogs eating scraps from his restaurant. Not only did he give these dogs a decent meal, he began to bring food to other dogs in the city. Pretty soon, he was feeding so many strays that he would get the attention of the local media.

Photo credit: NTD TV

But he’s not just feeding the dogs, he is also finding them homes so they would no longer be strays. Also, once he gains their trust, he brings them to the vet to have them neutered or spayed as well as provide them with the necessary shots and medications.

Baines revealed, “It costs me around 40-50 000 baht per month (around USD 1500) not including emergency cases. I do get donations, yes, sometimes it’s enough, sometimes not. I have helped find homes for around 30-40 dogs, not including my own 9 + 4 (the 4 stays with my ex-wife).

Photo credit: NTD TV

He encourages people to adopt the dogs but if no one takes them, he’s not complaining and promises to continue feeding these strays for as long as he has the strength and money to do it… What a wonderful man!

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