For 7 Years, They Hoped to Conceive a Baby… But Tragedy Struck When They Finally Had One

Most, if not all, couples dream of having their own babies. Having a baby is believed to be one of the best gifts a couple could ever receive in their lifetime and that being a mother is the ultimate sign of womanhood.

But not all couples are blessed with their own kids. There are those who struggle for years before having their own while many also never have the chance to have children of their own. Some of these couples opt to adopt so they can have kids in their homes while others continue to hope they would be granted a miracle.

Mommy and Daddy just before he deployed. See that bump? That’s me, Baby John!!

Posted by Bringing Home the Browns on Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sean and Heather Brown of East Texas belong to the latter group. They’ve been actively trying to conceive a baby for 7 years. They refused to give up hope that someday they will have a child of their own. Indeed, a miracle happened but it also came with a tragedy no one anticipated.

At 34 weeks pregnant, Heather developed preeclampsia. Their child had to be delivered via c-section immediately. John Michael Thomas Brown arrived into this world on Sept. 15, 2012 but Heather had slipped into a coma. As of press time, she is still in a coma.

John had a wonderful birthday. Heather is doing well. Unfortunately no new news of significant change. Thanks to all who wished a happy birthday to john and to those that continue to pray for our family.

Posted by Bringing Home the Browns on Friday, September 18, 2015

Little John and dad Sean would sometimes post photos together with Heather –and both hope that someday she will wake up and their family would be complete. Just as the couple never lost hope throughout their quest for a baby, the father-and-son tandem are not losing hope that Heather would wake up.

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