Forever Exists! Photos of Old Man Surprising an Old Lady with Flowers Go Viral

In this world of swift marriages and break-ups, people have become so jaded that the semi-joke phrases “They will eventually breakup…” and “Forever does not exist!” are easily floated around, especially on social media. Indeed, people expect couples to break up – and they are often correct!

This is probably one of the main reasons why photos of an old man surprising an old lady with flowers had gone viral on the web. People are commenting how forever really does exist – and the perfect example is this couple whose love for each other lasted to their old age.

In the photo series, the old man could be seen waiting for someone; with a bouquet of flowers hidden at his back. The next photos showed an old lady approaching him. He gave her the flowers and they hugged.

While there wasn’t much the Facebook post of Trending Pinoy Videos revealed, it was easy to see that these two are very much in love. Forever does exist! What a beautiful couple…

Meron naman talagang FOREVER <3 Bitter lang yung iba.. kung single ka SHARE mo ito mahahanap mo ang forever mo, kung may partner ka na LIKE mo ito siguradong magtatagal kayo FOREVER. Try now!

Posted by Trending Pinoy Videos on Sunday, June 26, 2016