Formation of Waterspout Scares Residents in Central Philippines

Tornadoes are a scary sight, whether they occur on land or over a body of water. But I bet it is much scarier to see one form right before your eyes – especially if it starts moving in your direction!

Such happened to a group of skimboarders having fun in a public beach at South Poblacion, Bacong, Negros Oriental in central Philippines. They were just enjoying the waves at the beach with their skimboards when they noticed the clouds forming a funnel over the waters, a tell-tale sign of a tornado which, in this case, is called a ‘waterspout’ as it forms over the water.

The skimboarders and the people watching at the beach, mostly guys, were rather scared of what they were seeing yet they managed to hold their ground out of curiosity and even take a cellphone video of the forming waterspout.

At one point, they had to run away from where they were first standing since the waves were beginning to grow larger and the wind was blowing stronger.

Check out this video:

Oh my god!!!!!!!!what a TORNADO…first time jud nmu na experience in front jud nmu ni nahitab0 sa TEAM SKIMMERS…Naka English og a hat. ..haha haha. .makatawa kos nanagat baling langoy pagkita niya..hahaha..halata paspas langoy dong …hahaha…mga parts dira inyu hulat. exactly 1:44 jud..xenxa nah sa mga Sabang mga SKIMMERS..HAHAHA

Posted by Reymar Arz Peñas on Monday, July 4, 2016

It was really a good thing that the waterspout dissolved without causing any damage to the area.

Here’s another view of the waterspout, taken from the highway at North Poblacion of the same town.

na a ni siya sa bacong ron nahitabo sa alasdos kapin

Posted by Rogerlito Isic on Sunday, July 3, 2016