Freaky ‘Usie’ Goes Viral Because Woman’s Reflection is Also Looking at the Camera! So Creepy…

A snapshot of a couple taking an usie (group selfie) has gone viral after eagle-eyed netizens noticed something very wrong with the picture.

At first glance, this usie did not appear unusual until you look at the couple’s reflection in the window behind them. While the guy’s reflection was facing the right way, the girl’s reflection wasn’t. In fact, it was also looking right back at the camera!

What’s even creepier about this photo is that the girl’s reflection appears to have a different expression than the real one has on her face.

Netizens are divided over the appearance of the woman in the reflection, with many saying that this was surely one of the creepiest photos they have ever seen yet, as usual, a lot of other social media users are unconvinced and are claiming that this was yet another product of the popular photoediting program, Photoshop.

So, what do you think of this photo? Photoshopped or not, it surely is quite creepy to look at…

Photo credit: Social Trends
Photo credit: Social Trends


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